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April 2018 (Volume 39, Issue 4)

Diagnosing UTI in Young Febrile Infants

Maternal Substance Use Disorders and Infant Outcomes

The Importance of Repeating Initial High Blood Pressure Readings

Sepsis-Like Illness Due to Enterovirus and Parechovirus

Fluid Balance and Clinical Outcomes in Acute Asthma

Readmission After ICU Hospitalization for Asthma

Former Preterm Infants: Seeing Risks More Clearly

Cordless Window Coverings Are Best for Kids

Safety and Efficacy of Inhaled Steroids in Premature Infants

March 2018 (Volume 39, Issue 3)

Hand and Wrist Injuries Among High School Athletes

Hormonal Contraception and Breast Cancer Risk

Bruising Patterns in Young Children With Bleeding Disorders

Hepatitis C in Hospitalized Children

Late-Presenting Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Athletes

Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk for Brain Tumors

Cardiac Sequelae of Severe Burn Injury

Inhaled Corticosteroid Use and Bone Fracture

February 2018 (Volume 39, Issue 2)

Febrile Seizure Risk and Vaccination

Antibiotics, S aureus Colonization, and Recurrent Skin Infections

Developmental Outcomes in Asymptomatic Congenital CMV Infection

Prenatal Acetaminophen Exposure and Risk of ADHD in Children

Third MMR Dose Effective in Controlling Mumps Outbreak

Cardiovascular Risk Factors Influence Carotid Intima-Media Thickness

Rethinking Macrolide Use in Inpatient Pneumonia

Outcomes in Rituximab-Treated Nephrotic Syndrome

Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia: Timing and Effects on Outcomes

January 2018 (Volume 39, Issue 1)

Amoxicillin Most Cost-effective for Toddlers With Acute Otitis Media

Physical Activity and Cognitive Function

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia and Chronic Auditory Toxicity

Sounding the Alarm on Digital Self-harm

Screening for Heart Disease in Infants: Stethoscope Still Needed

The Commonest Childhood Inherited Neuropathy

Go Play…But Please Be Careful!

Increasing Incidence of Celiac Disease

Age-Related Trends in Wheezing


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